Importation, storage, marketing, delivery and export of organic fertilizers and soil builders to the Golf Course industry are the prime activities of the Company for the past 17 years. The specially formulated products are imported from USA and other European countries.

The company has developed its own product range of locally made organic fertilizers from oil palm and vegetable waste. It manufactures products according to the needs of the customers but all of GD’s products are organic based that include microbes. These products are sold to the small holders of oil palm plantations and vegetable farms.

Another activity for the company is dealing with the palm kernel shells (PKS) and empty fruit bunches. The company has its own storage yard at Gebeng in Kuantan where it stores PKS for export to Thailand and China. Some quantity of PKS is also being supplied to the local industries’ boilers.

GD’s activity also involves R&D work on new technologies and methods that can be used to enhance or convert waste products (from the agriculture industry) into bio fuel. Cooperating with foreign companies, GD is developing economical methods by which the environment can be preserved and making life better on earth. Reducing emissions of toxic substances during the burning process for energy production is also one of our main targets. Developing and commercially producing alternate “Green” energy sources is another main activity of the company.

Last but not least, the company also invests in commercial properties that will serve as its working offices for future business expansion.

Our Vision:-1. To become a market leader in the agricultural industry, in particular in the business of organic fertilizers, soil remediation products and organic farming.

2. To embark on the complete recycling of the waste and by products of the agricultural industry especially oil palm kernel, bunches and fibre wastes.

3. To preserve the environment of our beloved one and only one earth for the benefit and fit for life for the future generations by undertaking projects and activities that will keep the earth green and habitable.

Our Mission:-1. To develop new business strategies in translating our ideas into a profitable and attractive business for the company’s shareholders.

2. In forming ideal and win-win partnerships with suitable companies / corporate bodies in business activities that will help preserve the environment.

3. To carry out R&D and utilize the latest technology available in the process of obtaining biomass energy and recycling of waste products.

4. To develop and upgrade the skills and knowledge of the personnel  involved by providing adequate training programmes.